Woodson News

We will attempt to send out a report on Tuesdays unless numbers begin to increase.  Should the number of cases increase dramatically we will return to daily reports.  The county health department is reporting an increase in county cases with the case count moving up to 16 positive cases in Woodson County as of Monday’s weekly report.  The head of the health department is predicting this number might increase as we move towards Thanksgiving break.

The following is the Covid report for Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

South School             HQS-4             TTS-0             HQBS-0          TTSBS-0        PCB-2

High School                HQS-0             TTS-0             HQBS- 0          TTSBS-0        PCB-0

Non-Building                                                                          HQBS- 0          TTSBS-0        PCB-0 


  • HQS=Home Quarantined Students
  • TTS=Test to Stay Students
  • HQBS=Home Quarantined Building Staff
  • TTSBS=Test to Stay Building Staff
  • PCB=Positive Cases Building
  • NR=No Report