Woodson News

The good news is that 31 cases or types of quarantines will be dropping off this report by Monday, with many more dropping off next week.  Hopefully, we may be able to return to some normal conditions in the school district by then..

The following is the Covid report for Thursday.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

South School             HQS-11           TTS-13           HQBS-1          TTSBS-4        PCB-15

High School                 HQS-3            TTS-18           HQBS- 0        TTSBS-0       PCB-1

Non-Building                                                                          HQBS- 0        TTSBS-0       PCB-0 


  • HQS=Home Quarantined Students
  • TTS=Test to Stay Students
  • HQBS=Home Quarantined Building Staff
  • TTSBS=Test to Stay Building Staff
  • PCB=Positive Cases Building
  • NR=No Report