Woodson News

The elementary-middle school met today to enhance their Covid protocols for the building for when they reopen on Tuesday, October 12th.  Many of the protocols are being revised from last year, with an emphasis to provide social distancing the best they can.  The district’s guidelines as to when to mask or close school are also being reviewed to allow parents to know where the district stands in relationship to Covid cases and clarifies the test to stay procedures.

The following is the Covid report for Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

South School             HQS-NR         TTS-NR          HQBS-2          TTSBS-4        PCB-1

High School                 HQS-2              TTS-19            HQBS- 0        TTSBS-0        PCB-2

Non-Building                                                                            HQBS- 0         TTSBS-0       PCB-0 


  • HQS=Home Quarantined Students
  • TTS=Test to Stay Students
  • HQBS=Home Quarantined Building Staff
  • TTSBS=Test to Stay Building Staff
  • PCB=Positive Cases Building
  • NR=No Report