Woodson News

All students who will be in quarantine beginning Monday, September 12, are eligible to participate in the Test to Stay Program being implemented by the school district.  Parents who want their students to participate in this program will need to take the students to the high school auditorium between 7:15-7:45 am for testing.

Parents will need to fill out a consent form for the testing that can be found on the district website called, Test to Stay Consent Form.  The form can be found under the BOE, Elementary/Middle School, and High School menu headings or filled out at the testing site.

Students would test daily for the duration of their quarantine.  If their test is negative, they may attend school with a mask requirement.  If the school must stay on a student about wearing a mask properly while in the testing protocol, the student will be removed from the testing program and remain home for the remainder of the quarantine period.

Mrs. Splechter will be attempting to contact parents regarding the Test to Stay option.  Regardless of whether she can contact all parents, all students who are being quarantined for close contact next week can participate in this program.

If you believe that your child may have Covid, the district is willing to provide this test by appointment during the school day.  This test would be a drive-through test where the students don’t enter the building.

We feel the pilot we have ran the past two days at the high school has been successful, and we must offer this option to all students in the school district.  As with any program we have it is the parent’s decision as to whether their students participate.