Woodson News

The BOE had a special meeting today to discuss COVID issues affecting the school district.  At this time no changes were made with the district’s protocols.  The BOE did approve a grant application that would allow students who are exposed to someone with COVID to remain in school with daily COVID testing.  The grant is from the Kansas Department of Health.  The district would conduct testing using the rapid tests furnished through the grant. The test is not at all invasive to students and the results will take place in 15 minutes.  The testing program gives parents a choice of having students stay at home in quarantine or attend school after daily negative tests.

The following is today’s COVID information. County health is reporting 13 confirmed cases in the county as of Monday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

South School SQ-39   BSQ-3    PCS-1    PCD-1

High School     SQ-8       BSQ-2    PCS-1    PCD-1

Non-Building                       DSQ-1                             PCD-0                            

SQ=Students Quarantined, DSQ=Building Staff Quarantined (both teachers & classified), PCS=Positive Cases Students, PCD=Positive Cases Building Staff, Non-Building=Not assigned to a building reported as district staff DS.