Woodson News

The Woodson Board of Education approved the following protocol at its August 9th meeting.  The following protocol may change as more information is learned about the COVID pandemic or as the pandemic worsens in Woodson County.  The school district will continue to monitor the COVID case count of the county and use this information to make informed decisions.

  • That the Woodson schools reopen as usual for the 2021-2022 school year with masks being optional.
  • Each building evaluates the procedures that worked for that building during the last school year and continues to use these procedures for the upcoming school year.
  • Parents are limited to entering the school to the building offices to conduct school business.
  • Meeting with teachers is to be pre-arranged with the teachers.
  • Students and staff who have been vaccinated or can prove having had COVID will not be quarantined due to close exposure, as if they have no COVID symptoms.
  • Make masks optional on all school transportation unless directly directed to do so by a governing agency.
  • Reduce social distancing to 3-foot.
  • Establish that having 20 active cases in the county be used to determine whether to re-evaluate masks being recommended.
  • Be flexible enough to address changes in protocols should COVID issues change.
  • Elementary/MS students may enter the South School at 7:40 am.