Woodson News

As of Thursday, July 29, the number of COVID cases in Woodson County is at 13 active cases.  Some of these cases will drop off this weekend.  If school were to be in session, the school district would be in its Orange Phase, which requires masks to be always worn at school.  We will continue to monitor the COVID situation in Woodson County to keep you up to date as to what is taking place.

As far as the school district is concerned, the subject of COVID is something we didn’t think we would be dealing with right at the start of the school year, but here we are.  We’re brushing off last year’s plan and getting it updated to address what we now know and learned about COVID last year.  From all our visits with those in the know, we will be addressing COVID issues again this school year.  As more information is acquired, we will make the changes needed to make the community and staff as safe as we possibly can.

Should anyone be interested in getting the COVID vaccine, please call the Woodson County Health Department to get information as to how to make the arrangements at (620) 625-2484.