Woodson News

Enrollment began online on July 26 and runs through August 6.  In-person, enrollment will be August 3, 1 pm-8 pm, and August 4, 8 am-4 pm for the elementary and middle school students.  The high school will enroll on August 4, 1 pm-8 pm, and August 5, 8 am-4 pm.

A district-wide technology fee has been added for the 2022 school year.  The technology fee is $50 for every student in the school district.  However, this fee will be waived for all students if our new Family Economic Survey is completed that is part of the enrollment process.  All this application asks for is household income and the names of all individuals living in the residence.

Since there are no lunch applications this school year due to breakfast and lunch being free, the state has developed this survey to identify students who would have qualified for free lunch.  The importance of free lunch students is due to the funding they generate for the school district in state aid and grant applications.  The district took a big hit financially last year having fewer lunch applications turned in due to the timing of the free meals.  The more students we get qualified the more resources will have to address the needs of our school district.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great school experience this school year!