Woodson News

Through the CARES funding from Woodson County Commission, the school district has been able to install ionization systems in both of the school buildings.  The ionization systems are reported to kill the following particles, which are followed by the kill rate of the devices - SARS, CoV‐2, Covid‐19 with a kill rate of 99.4% ACA – MRSA with a kill rate of 96.24% EMSL - E.coli-99.68% EMSL - Mold Spores with a kill rate of 99.50% GCA.  The bottom line to all the numbers is, the school buildings of the Woodson School District will have better and cleaner air inside the buildings making for a better and safer environment for the students!  The district sincerely thanks the Woodson County Commission for their contribution in making the schools of the district safer!