Woodson News

The Woodson Board of Education, at a special meeting held on July 29, approved a revised school calendar that will move the start date of students to August 20.  This delay will allow the district staff additional time to develop building plans around the district’s approved reopening plan, also approved at the special meeting.  The delay in the starting schools will allow the district to receive more of the PPE that has been ordered.  The revised school calendar and the reopening plan can be located on the district website and the district phone app in the document section. The web site school calendar has also been updated.

The district will be asking parents whether they are interested in remote learning.  Through this type of educational delivery model, the parent will have a lot of schooling responsibility.  This method of delivery requires daily documentation of 6-hours student work, daily visits with an assigned teacher, and weekly parent contacts, along with some parent software training. It is critical that remote learning have a solid internet connection.  Depending on the survey, we will know if we can provide this mode of learning.  Due to having limited staff to provide this resource, this may not be a viable learning option.

As of now, and can change due to numerous issues, both medical and political, the district will be opening in the green phase and opening under the guidance of Woodson County.  This could change if it is determined the Governor’s Executive Order is to be enforced.  As a school district, we will follow the agency that has jurisdiction, over the Woodson County schools.

As we enter this school year, the district will be facing a lot of unknowns.  We will do our best to address whatever situation arises. We understand that the reopening of schools has become very divisive in some areas. We hope this doesn’t become an issue in the Woodson School District. As we begin the school year, we will do our best to address the needs of students and staff.