Woodson News

After listening to a state meeting regarding reopening schools on Thursday, not much new was learned.  There will be an executive order delaying the start date of schools signed on Monday, with some additional requirements schools will have to address.  The executive order will then need to be approved or rejected from the state board of education, which should take place later next week.

What this means for the Woodson School District is we are on hold for another week.  If the order is rejected, we will open on August 13 as scheduled.  If the state board approves, the order school will begin September 9 with additional requirements in place.

Should the state board approve the executive order delaying the start of school, we will go back to the drawing board and rework the school calendar to account for 18 missed school days, along with addressing any new requirements that come from the executive order.

When we know more details as to what the state board determines, we will share that information with you.