Woodson News


For the last time, the date of high school graduation been changed to June 27, at 10 am.  It is our sincere hope this can be traditional graduation.  If a traditional graduation cannot be conducted, the graduation ceremony will be modified.  This decision was reached with discussions with the senior class officers, who received input from other graduating seniors.

Food Service

It has been determined that the summer feeding program will continue throughout the month of June, with a chance of possible extension through July if the situation warrants it.  A change that will be made June 1 is, meals will depart the high school at 9 am; thus, the meals will be coming to homes much earlier.  We will finish the month of May as we currently do.  In town (Yates Center), meal pick up will continue to be from 11 am-Noon at the high school.

Summer Weights and Conditioning

Summer weights and conditioning will begin June 1 following the Kansas Phase-In guidelines.  The schedule is for high school students to begin at 7 am and middle school students to begin at 8 am.  The first week of weights and conditioning will be held at the track.  Students will need to bring their own water bottles, and we recommend that their name is on them.  All KSHSAA procedures will be followed.

Competency-Based Education

The state is in the process of developing a plan for schools to move to competency-based education.  What competency-based education does is measure what students can prove they know.  This learning model is based on outputs, what a student should be able to do, instead of inputs such as homework scores and some tests.  Competency-based education focuses on where the student is at, not where they should be.  We already know that we have students both above and below-grade levels, but we tend to try to keep students together.  In this model, a student can advance at their own rate, whether that is an accelerated rate or a slower rate.  The idea is being promoted should there be another shutdown order, where education can continue.  The district will look closely at this model and determine can begin to implement this into the school system.

Construction Update

As of Thursday, six classrooms have had the asbestos in them abated.  There are eight more classrooms that still need the asbestos removed.  Once the asbestos has been removed, new lighting and ceilings will be installed.

The football field and BOE office have had lighting replaced.  The work on replacing the lighting at the high school is currently taking place.  There are other projects to take place, and we will report on them as the work progresses.