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Woodson County Update

May 15, 2020

Continuous Learning

Our continuous learning will end on May 21.  Through this process, we have learned a lot about online learning, some good and some bad.  We will attempt to plan for contingencies throughout the summer should we have to do something again, but at the least, we will have a plan in place to be more effective at this educational delivery system.  Hopefully, we won’t have to use this process!


Graduation was tentatively scheduled for June 20.  With the change of dates with the state phase-in, this date is no longer viable.  Mr. Hamm will be visiting with the senior class officers to determine how they want to proceed with graduation activities.  We will get this information out to the community when a plan has been developed.

Summer School

At this time, the district is planning on conducting summer school as it has in the past.  Jumpstart is usually conducted in the last two weeks in July.  If we can provide this learning opportunity, we will.

Driver Education

Enrollment for driver education is currently underway.  Plans are to begin driver education after July 4.  If you have someone who is interested in taking driver education, detailed information can be found on the website or the district app in the Live Feed.  The information has been pinned, so it should be at the top of the list.


The district is currently looking at returning to the preschool transportation model of having rural students attend the morning sessions, and Yates Center students attend the afternoon session.  This model was easier to manage and more efficient.  If you have questions or concerns with this transportation format, please feel free to share them.

LiNK Mini-Grants

You may have noticed a lot of books being distributed throughout the school district.  These books come from a grant named LiNK managed by Greenbush.  The school district has just completed its second year the three-year LiNK grant to emphasize reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the curriculum through the LiNK grant. 

In the second year of the grant, teachers were able to apply for mini-grants.  Through this application process, the district teachers and librarians were able to secure over $90,000 of grant materials to utilize in their classrooms.  Because of these grants, there will be books and technology available to your students throughout the next school year for their use.  Some of the grants are for books students can keep.  These grants should provide our students with more opportunities in the area of ELA.