Continuous Learning Plan

The continuous learning plan is now activated on the district website.  With my little experience with the link, it appears to work best from a computer.  If you are using an iPhone, you will need to hold your finger on the link for a second or two, and then open the page.  I can’t tell you how an android phone works since I haven’t seen it operate.  If you have problems with the page, please let us know. This page was created by Mrs. Patty Dick, with input from other Woodson teachers.  Our instructional staff continues to amaze me as to what they will do to help the students and parents of the Woodson School District!

NCCC CTE On-Campus Courses  

NCCC has canceled the two technical courses being taught at the high school.  Students in these classes will receive the grade they had at the time of the school closure from the district.  As for the NCCC grade, it will be recorded as incomplete.  Arrangements to complete the college portion of the courses will be addressed through NCCC.

Food Service

If you would, please make sure there are no dogs running loose when meals are delivered on the bus routes.  If you do have dogs running loose, these deliveries won’t be made unless someone comes to the vehicle to pick up the meals.

As far as meals, the district delivered another record high on Thursday.  The foodservice and transportation staff delivered 476 meals!  The work of these two departments and the volunteer work of the teachers and classified staff in bagging the meals has been impressive!  I have also been told there might be a surprise treat in the bag today?