Continuous Learning Plan

The continuous learning plan that can be found on the district website will be activated sometime on Friday.  When the site activated, a notification will be sent.  Hopefully, this site will allow you to find assignments and activities for you, students.  As always, it is your decision to how much or how little you determine your student needs to do.

Food Service

Another day of success in the foodservice area.  On Wednesday, the foodservice department delivered 460 bags or delivered 920 meals to the children of the school district.  To put that in perspective, if everyone was a student in the Woodson School District, the foodservice staff would have provided meals to 96% of our students!

The current district food service program is open to any child in the district age 1-18, whether they are enrolled in the district or not.  Should you know of some families hosting children from another school district or from out-of-state, let them know about this food resource.  To add students to the out-of-town deliveries, email

Personal Items

The elementary will send out a notice to when and how personal items may be picked up.  I want to commend the work of the custodial staff and those who volunteered to help them make a very quick change in how students, at the high school, would pick up their belonging.  It was impressive seeing and hearing how everyone helped one another!