Beginning Monday, March 23rd, the district will start providing meals to any child ages 1-18 in the school district.  If you are on a bus route, these meals will be delivered to you.  If you have children, not in school who meet the qualification, please notify both Shelly Davis ( and John Rice ( regarding additional meals needed.  Each sack will include lunch for the day and breakfast for the next day.  The routes are scheduled to depart at 10 am each day, Monday through Friday.  We would ask if you don’t want this service that you contact both Mrs. Davis and Mr. Rice and that there be someone at home since we must give them to an individual.  Also, if someone could come to the vehicle to grab the sacks, this would help us in delivering the meals in a more timely manner.

If you live in Yates Center, there will be a drive-through located at the high school that you can go through to receive the meals.  The drive-through will be from 11 am-12 pm.

If you know of any families in the district who have children, not in school, and who live in the country, please let Mrs. Davis and Mr. Rice know.  If there are families, you know, in Yates Center who have children, but they aren’t in school, please let them know of this program.

As with anything new, we do expect we will have glitches in this system and will do all we can do to fix them as fast as we can.  If we miss someone on the routes, please let us know where we can adjust the routes.

The district staff will be meeting next week to develop our continuous learning plan.  The details will more likely be released next Friday, March 27th.  Please understand the current situation is very fluid and changing hourly.  We will do what we can to adjust to any changes that come our way. 

To stay abreast of current events in the school district, we highly encourage all patrons to follow the district website at and to download the district app, Woodson USD 366, at the app store.