Woodson News

The Woodson School District has established a strategic plan to help guide the school district for the next three years.  The focus of the plan focuses on professional accountability, increased student opportunities, social-emotional development/life skills development, along with civic and community involvement.

The strategies will be the focus of the school district as we proceed to work with both students and staff.  However, these strategies won’t be accomplished overnight.   I would hope by the end of the strategic plan; you will see an established curriculum taught by highly trained professionals that provides more student learning opportunities based on the interest of our students.

The one area I’m excited about is getting our students involved in the community.  In my short time in the district, I have seen the district provide our students with the resources they need to attend school and additional support from all facets of the community through scholarships to just helping our students.  It’s now time we, as a school district, both employees and students give back to the community through community involvement.  For our students and staff to become part of the Woodson County Community, we must become involved in the community and that is what I’m hoping occurs with this portion of the strategic plan.

The strategic plan has been posted to the district website, https://www.usd366.net/, as a plan at a glance.  As we move forward, we will monitor the district's progress and attempt to keep this file updated.  The strategic plan can be found under the documents tab on the website.

As always, it’s a great day to be a Wildcat!