Winter Break is Over

School will resume January 6th, and there will be a lot taking place during the second semester.  The BOE will take a comprehensive look at district facilities to determine the primary needs of the district and how to accomplish the items and projects identified.

The staff of the district will be determining how to implement the districts strategic plan.  This plan will be share soon as final changes are made.  Besides implementing a strategic plan, the educational staff will be working on district accreditation, in which the strategic plan will be a key component of this endeavor.

As for our students, they will be focusing on state assessments. You will probably hear more about these tests as the year progresses.  Besides assessments, we will attempt to get our students more involved with the community through community service.  It’s time that our students give back to the community that supports them, not as individuals, but as a school system.

I’m looking forward to these and other opportunities as this new year begins. Through this process, I hope that our students become more connected with the community, and the community becomes more connected with the school district.  As always, it’s a great day to be a Wildcat!