Woodson News

The results of the Lexia Reading Program continue to improve!  The students in grades K-5 and the middle school continue to enhance their reading skills, as documented through the Lexia Reading Program.

At the beginning of the school year, the students of the building took their placement test that measured their current reading skills and placed the students at their appropriate level of learning.  What we found from the first test was that the building only had one student working above grade level.  As of the end of November, there are now 49 students who are working above grade level in their reading skills.

The news also is better with the projection of those students who are projected to be above grade level.  In September, only 71 students were projected to be working above grade by the end of the school year.  Now, the November report is projecting; there are now 103 students projected to be working above grade level.

When it comes to working at grade level or above, we began the year with 59% of our students working below grade level.  At the end of November, that percentage has been reduced to 30%.  30% is still too many students below grade level, but it is a significant improvement, that should get better as the school year progresses.

To state that I’m happy with the progress the K-5 students are making would be an understatement.  I’m particularly proud of the instructional staff of the building that takes the time to ensure the students get the time they need to work in the Lexia Program and provide our students with the needed additional support to be successful.  As the year goes on, I hope that I can continue to report more reading skill improvement.