Woodson News

Each month the district will attempt to report student data and where the district is doing in the programs we are tracking locally.  Later in the school year, when state assessment results are released, this data will be shared as well.  For the month of November, here is a quick look at local Lexia and Star results.

Lexia Reading Data

The reading skills data generated by Lexia Reading gets better every month.  Since the beginning of the school year, there are now 23 students working on reading skills above their grade levels.  At the beginning of the school year, we only had one student at that level.

At the beginning of the school year, only 38% of our students were predicted to be at next year's grade level, and now there are 51% of our students projected to get to this place in their reading skills.

Congratulations to Cindy McDonald, Janet Brilke, Dianna Plegge, and Jeanie Shaffer.  First for the efforts of Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Brilke to have these students reading ready and then to Mrs. Plegge and Mrs. Shaffer for having all students now in their kindergarten reading skills!

Star Math & Reading Data

The elementary/ms just finished their Star testing for the first quarter.  Six of the 7-grade levels (2-8) improved their math scores compared to their baseline tests.  The second grade had 100% at or above grade level. In reading, 5 of the 7-grade levels improved on their scores from the baseline test with the second grade having the highest score of 87% at or above grade level.  The thing that impresses me about more students moving at or above grade level is the fact the Star test is a progressive test, which measures a student should be a specific time of the school year, or the test gets harder each time the student takes it!

As the superintendent of schools, I know we have a lot of work to do in our attempts to get every student to where they should be, but after just nine-weeks of the school, we.re seeing progress!  I also want to thank all the staff of the elementary/ms for all they are doing with our students to the improvement the building is accomplishing!