YCHS Geometry Class in Eldorado at Gravity Works

Students of YCHS geometry classes traveled to Eldorado to Gravity Works.

Students attending were quoted as saying:

"It was very interesting to try and read the blueprints and glimpse exactly how detail oriented the work truly is. Seeing all the effort that goes into making the prints was truly astonishing." A Ballin-Capps

"I Really liked this Field Trip, because I learned a ton of interesting things that can be used in the future if I wanted to go into this Profession." C. Burton

"My favorite part of the trip was getting to see how they design buildings on the computer through the software." E. Grogg

"I enjoyed how much detail was put into the process of drawing each design and how it all came together. All of the designs that were finished really showed some great thought process into it and you can tell that they put some quality time and effort into it." P. Hurst

"I really in joyed the trip, because I learn about how the use the tools that they use and even how to use the foot inch calculator." B. Howell

"I enjoyed learning from the architect about the process of creating his designs. He explained the operation very well." A. Spencer

"I enjoyed seeing some of the finished designs, and all the details & time put into them. As well as learning the processes it took to make them. "  M. Proper

"My favorite thing about this trip was seeing how much math really was used in the world because before this I didn't think much of it. I also really enjoyed seeing how well they sketched out the design of their buildings on paper and on the computer."  R. Skaggs

"This trip taught me that Architecture is more than just drawing a picture of a building and converting it onto paper. It taught me that there are many complex stages involved in order to construct a building.”  A. Chrisman

"What I really liked about today's trip is learning about how much the architect workers have so much patience. They work on one drawing for about several months before finishing it, and that is very impressive. " C. Ballin

"I learned that architects use different types of math everyday, For example they use geometry, physics, and trigonometry." M. Collins

"I really enjoyed the trip we took, and I enjoyed learning more about the architectural field. It has sparked more interest for my future. " J. Morrison

If you get a chance ....ask one of these students about their Tinkercad 3-D furniture design (being printed soon) or how they might design structures of the future.