Woodson News

To those parents thinking about remote learning for their students this school year, the district would like to determine if this is something it can do for parents.  Due to limited staff and state regulations, this option may not be feasible, depending on the demand.

Parents considering remote learning, grades K-8, need to be aware that remote learning is the responsibility of the parents.  Remote learning requires parents to document 6-hours of education activity a day, submitted daily.  Other requirements include student contact daily with a Woodson teacher, weekly contact with parents, and parents being trained in the district's online platform.  Parents will also need dependable internet service and enough bandwidth to make this learning model successful. These requirements can change as the state determines what other items it might require in this learning mode.

At the high school level (9-12), there is not a remote learning option.  The high school is able to provide a virtual school or in-person learning options.  Virtual school differs from remote learning due to this learning model is solely the student's and parent's responsibility.  There is no contact and checking on the student(s) by Woodson staff.  The only monitoring taking place is seeing if the student is actively engaged in what they are supposed to be doing and is making progress in finishing course work.  Students who participate in either remote or virtual learning are not eligible to participate in school activities.

If you are interested in doing remote learning this year, please contact Dr. Pegram at spegram@usd366.net.  Your email will need to provide the district your contact information, such as the parent's name, phone(s) number, and the names and grade of levels of your children for the 2021 school year.  This survey will close on Monday, August 3.