Woodson 366 Update April 10, 2020

We’ve now completed two weeks of the Woodson Continuous Learning.  As expected, the delivery of educational opportunities improved over the second week compared with the first.  The instructional staff adjusted what wasn’t working and made the changes necessary to improve the delivery system.  The district is very proud of the efforts the instruction staff has made in providing the students of the district the opportunity to continue the learning process.

As we enter the next couple of weeks, the district will begin to address graduation and other district activities that are traditionally done in the last semester of school.  We will do our best to normalize, perhaps an entirely different manner, what has been usually done.  The normalizing won’t apply to all events due to statewide restrictions, but we will do our best.

We do want to thank everyone for the input you provided with the district survey.  The information you provided us allowed the district a peek into how things were working for you.  The information provided has also allowed the instructional staff to address some of your concerns.

Please check and see if your students are checking their school email.  We've got a lot of information going out to them and we're receiving notice from the instructional staff they aren't getting replies from some students.  If you want to check on assignments for the week, the assignments are on the district web-page under the menu tab.  The student assignment link is at the top of the list.

Before closing off, I want to publicly thank the food service department, the transportation department, and the district volunteers for everything they are doing to feed the students of the school district.  The district is providing 520 meal bags daily to the children of the Woodson School District.  The participation rate is nearly 110% compared to our district enrollment.  What this means is the district was able to find those children who are not in school yet and provide them the same food service opportunities as our students who attend school.  All of this couldn’t have been done with the work of all the individuals involved in the foodservice program.  If you get a chance, take the time to thank those individuals who are helping the students of the Woodson School District.