Woodson News

This information is provided to allow parents/guardians to make the best decisions they can for their students and families.  At last night’s board meeting, the board of education elected to remain with the current position of masks being optional, but highly recommended that they be worn.  Due to not requiring masks in school, the board did not change quarantine and testing protocols.  The district will continue to function under the same guidelines as before CDC changes were recommended.  As a reminder, doctors’ orders on mask-wearing do not supersede these actions. Should Covid conditions at either school overly concern you, you as the parent need to decide what is in the best interest of your student and family.  As a school district, we will do what we can to support you in that decision.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

South School             HQS-16           TTS-26           HQBS-0          TTSBS-5        PCB-17

High School                 HQS-1               TTS-1               HQBS- 0         TTSBS-0        PCB-4

Non-Building                                                                            HQBS- 0         TTSBS-1         PCB-0 


  • HQS=Home Quarantined Students
  • TTS=Test to Stay Students
  • HQBS=Home Quarantined Building Staff
  • TTSBS=Test to Stay Building Staff
  • PCB=Positive Cases Building
  • NR=No Report