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School Reach Notification System

School Reach Overview

Yates Center schools provide School Reach Instant Parent Contact systems. From school closings to emergency communications to meeting reminders and more, SchoolReach will keep you informed.

You provide the school with the phone numbers and e-mail addresses you want contacted and you're set!  Here's a quick rundown of what will happen and what you can do to make sure you receive all of your important school-related communications:

§  Caller ID will display the main number for the school.

§  When receiving a SchoolReach call, answer your phone as you normally would. Say "hello" once, saying multiple "hellos" may delay the start of the message. Please note that there is a short pause in the beginning of the call.

§  IMPORTANT: Set your answering machine to answer in four rings or less to ensure best message delivery. Note: Short, succinct answering machine greetings are best for our machine detection and delivery process. Long answering machine greetings, or greetings with pauses or gaps, may cause the SchoolReach message to begin too soon.

§  To listen to a message again, wait for the 'press any key' prompt at the end of the message and after pressing a key you'll hear the message again in its entirety.

§  A live or machine answer will complete the notification cycle and cease any future calls for a particular message broadcast.If the SchoolReach system encounters a busy, no answer or failed (bad number or line) condition, the system will typically retry that number(s) twice more in 15 minute increments.

§  Depending on how your school has structured their calling lists, you may receive simultaneous calls on your home, cell and/or work numbers.

Please contact the school today to sign up for our School Reach notification system!